Selected mobile apps for various clients

Problem: Prominent neurosurgeon wanted to equip his patient athletes at risk of traumatic brain injury with a quick, easily available tool by which to diagnose the extent of a potentially damaging in-play incident
Solution: Netify designed a series of games that could easily and enjoyably be played on a standard smart phone. The app would score the performance of the player both before and after a suspected injury. Big data predictive analytics would then measure diminished performance, if any, and make recommendations for further action.
Concepts proven:
  • Big data and predictive analytics work well for discovering relationship between gaming performance and current diminished capabilities.
  • With proper gamification, such as points, badges, and discount coupons, athletes could be motivated to earnestly finish the game portfolio at their best level of performance so that accurate results could be discerned following a suspected incident
  • The business model consisting of coupon advertising revenue and app download revenue could become meaningful new revene for a medical practice wishing to sponsor this app.

Boat Remote Mobile IoT App
Problem: Marina operator and harbor master was receiving numerous phone calls from boat owners asking about the condition of their boats and the suitability of the weather for sailing.
Solution: Develop and package a small IoT monitoring system for boat owners to connect to their boats' batteries, and bilge pumps. These sensors, using the marina's WiFi, would continuously report the boats condition, along with the IoT weather station output described in the electronics gallery.
Concepts proven:
  • Boat owners were relieved to be able to monitor their expensive property remotely
  • The info graphic created by Netify (shown above) told the owners at a glance whether a long journey to the marina would be justified. This infographic consolidates a summary of wind speed, wind direction, outside temperature, and sky conditions in single glance