Selected Web apps for various clients

Problem: IT security consulting firm was using paper based discovery method to analyze the quality and discover potential threats in its clients' IT security posture. The paper based method was cumbersome and did not migrate easily to data base form for predictive analytical analysis
Solutions: Netify designed a universal workshop tool that could explore all dimensions of the IT security domain using PHP, HTML5, and Javascript for workshops.
Concepts proven:
  • Replacing age-old paper based workshop discovery methods has numerous benefits, especially for data retention and predictive analytics
  • The utility developed was sufficiently versatile that it could be made available on an SaaS basis for other fields of expertise in addtion to its original domain of IT security
  • Web-based utilities can be shared with remote workshop participants in a way that no paper-based method can duplicate
  • Though originally intended as a workshop accelerator, SPIDER may have SaaS potential as well

Problem: Paper-based workshop methods for exploring problems and electing/prioritizating solutions are cumbersome, expensive, and cannot be shared with remote users. Take for example, the Helix method which depends heavily on PostIt notes, flip chart Paper, and index cards
Solution: Develop a responsive Web tools that replicates familiar stationery objects like flip chart paper, PostIt Notes, and index cards in virtual form, so that participants can contribute and vote on solutions regardless of their locations
Concepts proven:
  • HTML5 and Javascript are just now able to create drag-and-drop functionality that realistically simulates physical equivalents
  • Use of virtual paper measurably accelerates workshop milestones
  • Though originally intended as a workshop accelerator, Facile may have SaaS potential as well